Songs of Guiuan

Samar 010

We arrived in Guiuan in darkness. We had been travelling by land for four hours from Tacloban on a van that we rented. The roads were incredibly dark in some places and it was hard to see ahead while we drove at breakneck speed through the roads of Eastern Samar. Although, most of the towns that we passed seemed like they were doing fine, in spite of the fact that they were directly in the path of the initial landfall of Typhoon Yolanda. There was no electricity in most places but there were some towns that houses and stores were … Continue reading

Riders in the Storm

Tacloban 075

There was a disconcerting rattle and hum aboard the old C130 plane as it rumbled down the runway and took to the air. I was on a military flight coming from Villamor Air Base in Pasay City, listed among the many items on a manifest of mercy bound for the devastated city of Tacloban. I was on my second deployment to the provinces of Leyte and Samar as part of an organization called Bike Scouts Philippines. Our work included the collection of data and the gathering of personal messages from evacuees that we sent to their relatives and friends. In … Continue reading

Riding 2.2 on Concrete

Giant ATX Pro

I decided to go out for my first bike ride after more than month since I injured my right knee during a search and rescue climb. I took my Giant ATX Pro equipped with 2.2 tires and took it for a spin on the Southwoods cycling circuit in Carmona, Cavite. The circuit, as I call it, is really just a route mapped out by cyclists on the empty roads in front of Splash Island, the water park that can be seen along the South Expressway on the way to Calamba, Laguna. I’ve already done a climb so I was sure … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Dirtbag Adventures

Dirtbag 011

Dirtbag is a term associated with individuals who maintain a lifestyle that foregoes any kind of financial sustainability in order to pursue a specific interest, usually climbing, specifically the climbers who live around the climbing walls of Yosemite National Park in eastern California. I am using this term here loosely to refer to individuals who pursue experiences without concern for financial stability – solely for the love of adventure.   Back in college, my friends and I had an obsession for climbing. We did overnight climbs on the weekends and lunch-break escapades on weekdays, just to go to the mountains. … Continue reading

How To Be A Sponsored Adventurer

Sponsored Adventurer 004

Wouldn’t you like to be a sponsored athlete? The big question on many dedicated adventurer’s mind is whether he, or she, will ever get sponsored as an adventurer. First of all, let us define what adventure is and what kind of sponsorship can an adventurer actually expect. These days, there are all kinds of adventure enthusiasts and adventure activities, what we are concerned about is the kind of adventure that would merit corporate support. My understanding of this topic comes from over two decades of experience working with mainstream brands in the field of marketing and as a competitive adventure … Continue reading

Going To Places Faraway

Romblon Islands 036

Romblon is a province of islands in the geographic heart of the Philippines, it is a place where everything is measured in tides and sea breezes. Visitors to Romblon have no choice but to shift to a slower way of life, from waking up in the morning and through the moments of a day that seem to arrive in little increments. It is a province, after all, where the air still smells like burnt leaves in the morning, wafting from the fires that old ladies light to dispose of dried and withered things. The scent of freshly baked bread drift … Continue reading